7 Best Adsense Alternatives Ad Networks that ACTUALLY PAY – 2023

Discover the Top Ad Networks that Provide Competitive Earnings

Are you a content creator or website owner looking for alternatives to Google AdSense? As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, it’s essential to explore multiple options to maximize your revenue potential. In this article, we will unveil the 7 Best Adsense Alternatives Ad Networks that ACTUALLY PAY in 2023. Whether you’re a seasoned publisher or just starting your online journey, these ad networks offer competitive earnings and excellent features to help you monetize your digital assets effectively. Let’s dive in and explore the top alternatives to AdSense!

Here we have listed Top 10 best Google AdSense alternatives:

  1. Media.net
  • Powered by Yahoo and Bing.
  • Contextual advertising network.
  • High-quality ads relevant to your content.
  • Advanced targeting capabilities.
  • User-friendly interface and detailed reporting.
  1. AdThrive
  • Ad management service.
  • Provides premium ad placements.
  • Works with top-tier advertisers.
  • Personalized support and in-depth analytics.
  • Emphasis on user experience and revenue optimization.
  1. Ezoic
  • AI-driven optimization platform.
  • Optimizes ad placements for better revenue.
  • Automated testing and machine learning algorithms.
  • Offers website monetization tools like header bidding.
  • Easy integration, data-driven insights, and reliable payments.
  1. Sovrn //Commerce
  • Specializes in affiliate marketing and content monetization.
  • Automatically converts product references into affiliate links.
  • Wide range of merchants and competitive commission rates.
  • Suitable for websites focused on product reviews and recommendations.
  1. Revcontent
  • Native advertising platform.
  • High-quality ad placements and engaging content recommendations.
  • Ads blend seamlessly with your site’s design.
  • Strict content quality guidelines for a positive user experience.
  • Customization options, real-time reporting, and reliable payments.
  1. PropellerAds
  • Ad network with a wide range of ad formats.
  • High-quality ads and global coverage.
  • Multiple monetization options.
  • User-friendly interface and real-time statistics.
  • Various payment methods and low payout threshold.
  1. Infolinks
  • Contextual advertising network.
  • In-text, in-fold, in-tag, and in-frame ad formats.
  • Easy integration and customization options.
  • Real-time ad performance tracking.
  • Timely payments and multiple payout options.
  1. AdRecover
  • Monetizes ad-blocked impressions.
  • Recovers lost revenue from ad-blocking users.
  • Non-intrusive ad formats that comply with acceptable ad standards.
  • Customizable ad units.
  • Detailed analytics and regular payments.
  1. Bidvertiser
  • Direct advertising network.
  • Allows advertisers to bid on your ad inventory.
  • Offers a variety of ad formats.
  • User-friendly interface and real-time reporting.
  • Timely payments via PayPal, check, or wire transfer.
  1. PopAds
    • Specializes in pop-under ads.
    • High rates for pop-under ads.
    • Global coverage and high fill rates.
    • Easy integration and user-friendly interface.
    • Quick payments and low minimum payout.

These 10 AdSense alternatives provide a range of options for monetizing your website or blog. Consider exploring these networks to diversify your revenue streams and maximize your ad earnings.

1. Media.net

Unlock Your Earning Potential with Contextual Advertising

Media.net, powered by Yahoo! Bing Network, is a leading contextual ad network that offers a robust platform for publishers. Their advanced ad technology analyzes the content of your website and displays highly relevant ads, ensuring maximum engagement and revenue generation. With a wide range of ad formats, including display ads, native ads, and mobile ads, Media.net caters to various online platforms seamlessly.

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Why Choose Media.net?

  • High-quality contextual ads: Media.net’s cutting-edge technology ensures that the ads displayed on your website are highly relevant to your content, increasing user engagement and revenue potential.
  • Competitive revenue: Media.net provides publishers with a significant revenue share, making it an attractive alternative to AdSense.
  • User-friendly interface: The platform’s intuitive dashboard allows publishers to easily manage and optimize their ad inventory, ensuring maximum performance.
  • Dedicated support: Media.net offers excellent customer support, assisting publishers every step of the way to ensure their success.

2. Adversal

Unlock the Power of Premium CPM Ad Network

Adversal is a premium CPM ad network that empowers publishers to monetize their website traffic effectively. With a focus on delivering high-quality ads and excellent customer service, Adversal has gained popularity among publishers worldwide. By analyzing visitor behavior and demographics, Adversal ensures that the displayed ads are highly targeted, resulting in better engagement and increased revenue.

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Why Choose Adversal?

  • Premium CPM rates: Adversal offers competitive CPM rates, allowing publishers to earn substantial revenue from their website traffic.
  • Easy setup and integration: Adversal provides a hassle-free setup process and offers various ad formats, including display ads, pop-unders, and video ads, ensuring seamless integration with your website.
  • Net-45 payment terms: With Adversal, publishers receive timely payments on a Net-45 basis, ensuring a consistent revenue stream.
  • Excellent customer service: Adversal’s dedicated support team is readily available to address any queries or concerns, providing publishers with the assistance they need.

3. Sovrn //Commerce (formerly VigLink)

Monetize Your Content with Effortless Affiliate Marketing

Sovrn //Commerce, previously known as VigLink, is a unique ad network that specializes in affiliate marketing. By automatically converting product mentions into affiliate links, Sovrn //Commerce enables publishers to earn commissions on referred sales. This makes it an excellent choice for content creators who frequently recommend products or services in their articles or blog posts.

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Why Choose Sovrn //Commerce?

  • Effortless monetization: Sovrn //Commerce automatically converts product mentions into affiliate links, eliminating the need for manual linking and saving publishers time and effort.
  • Extensive merchant network: Sovrn //Commerce collaborates with numerous merchants across various industries, providing publishers with a wide range of products and services to promote.
  • Real-time analytics: The platform offers detailed analytics, allowing publishers to track their earnings, clicks, and conversions in real-time, empowering them to optimize their strategies for maximum revenue generation.
  • Customizable and non-intrusive: Sovrn //Commerce offers customizable ad formats that seamlessly blend with your website’s design, ensuring a non-intrusive user experience.

4. PropellerAds

Maximize Your Earnings with a Multiformat Ad Network

PropellerAds is a renowned ad network known for its extensive range of ad formats and high-quality traffic monetization solutions. With PropellerAds, publishers can leverage various formats such as push notifications, interstitials, native ads, and pop-unders to optimize their revenue streams. The network boasts a vast global reach, ensuring that your ads reach a wide audience.

Why Choose PropellerAds?

  • Diverse ad formats: PropellerAds provides publishers with a wide range of ad formats to choose from, allowing them to select the ones that best suit their website and target audience.
  • Global coverage: With PropellerAds, you can monetize your website traffic from around the world, maximizing your earning potential.
  • Advanced targeting options: The platform offers advanced targeting capabilities, allowing you to reach specific audience segments and optimize your ad campaigns for better performance.
  • Competitive payouts: PropellerAds ensures competitive payouts for publishers, providing an attractive alternative to AdSense.

5. Adsterra

Unlock New Revenue Streams with Innovative Ad Formats

Adsterra is a leading ad network that offers publishers innovative ad formats and advanced targeting options. With a strong focus on performance-based advertising, Adsterra aims to maximize revenue for publishers by delivering engaging and relevant ads to their audiences. The network covers various verticals, including finance, gaming, entertainment, and more.

Why Choose Adsterra?

  • Innovative ad formats: Adsterra offers unique ad formats, such as interstitials, pop-unders, and push notifications, that captivate users and drive higher engagement.
  • Advanced targeting capabilities: Adsterra’s advanced targeting options enable publishers to reach their desired audience, ensuring better ad performance and higher earnings.
  • Competitive revenue share: The network provides publishers with competitive revenue share rates, allowing them to earn significant income from their website traffic.
  • Flexible payment options: Adsterra offers multiple payment options, including PayPal, Bitcoin, and wire transfer, making it convenient for publishers to receive their earnings.

6. Infolinks

Monetize Your Content Seamlessly with In-Text Advertising

Infolinks is a popular ad network known for its unique in-text advertising solution. By analyzing the content of your website, Infolinks identifies relevant keywords and turns them into clickable ad units. This non-intrusive format allows publishers to monetize their content without interrupting the user experience.

Why Choose Infolinks?

  • Seamless integration: Infolinks’ in-text ads seamlessly integrate with your website’s content, ensuring a natural reading experience for your audience.
  • Easy setup: Implementing Infolinks on your website is quick and straightforward, making it an accessible option for publishers.
  • Real-time performance tracking: Infolinks provides real-time performance data, allowing publishers to monitor their earnings and optimize their strategies accordingly.
  • Timely payments: Infolinks ensures prompt payments to publishers, with various payment options available.

7. Revcontent

Unlock Premium Native Advertising Solutions for Higher Earnings

Revcontent is a leading native advertising platform that focuses on delivering high-quality content recommendations to engage users effectively. With a network of premium publishers and advertisers, Revcontent offers publishers a chance to monetize their traffic through seamless native ad placements. The platform’s advanced targeting capabilities ensure that the ads displayed are relevant to your audience, driving higher engagement and revenue.

Why Choose Revcontent?

  • Premium native ads: Revcontent provides publishers with access to high-quality native ads that are designed to seamlessly blend with your website’s content, resulting in better user experience and engagement.
  • Advanced targeting options: Revcontent offers advanced targeting capabilities, allowing publishers to reach their desired audience segments and maximize the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.
  • High revenue potential: With Revcontent, publishers have the opportunity to earn significant revenue through premium native advertising placements.
  • Real-time reporting and optimization: The platform provides real-time reporting and optimization tools, enabling publishers to track their performance and make data-driven decisions to maximize their earnings.
  • Dedicated support: Revcontent offers dedicated support to publishers, ensuring that any questions or concerns are promptly addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the best alternatives to Google AdSense in 2023?

In 2023, the 7 Best Adsense Alternatives Ad Networks that ACTUALLY PAY are Media.net, Adversal, Sovrn //Commerce, PropellerAds, Adsterra, Infolinks, and Revcontent.

Which ad network pays more than Google AdSense?

While Google AdSense is known for its high payouts, Media.net is an ad network that often offers comparable or even higher earnings for certain niches. Many publishers have reported excellent results with Media.net, making it a top choice for those seeking competitive payouts.

How do I make $100 a day on AdSense?

Making $100 a day on AdSense requires a combination of factors, including high-quality content, targeted traffic, optimized ad placements, and a well-designed website. Focus on creating engaging content, driving relevant traffic, and experimenting with ad placements to maximize your ad revenue potential.

Is Adsterra better than AdSense?

Adsterra is an ad network known for its high-quality ad inventory and innovative ad formats. While it can be a profitable alternative, comparing it directly to AdSense depends on your website’s niche and target audience. It’s recommended to test and compare different ad networks to determine which one performs better for your specific case.

Is PropellerAds better than AdSense?

PropellerAds is a popular ad network known for its wide range of ad formats and global coverage. Whether it is better than AdSense depends on factors such as your website’s niche, traffic sources, and user demographics. It’s advisable to conduct A/B testing and analyze the performance to make an informed decision.

Can I get paid without AdSense?

Yes, there are several ad networks, such as Media.net, AdThrive, Ezoic, and Sovrn //Commerce, that offer alternative methods of monetization. These networks provide reliable payment systems and competitive earnings without relying on Google AdSense.

Is Ezoic better than AdSense?

Ezoic offers advanced optimization features and artificial intelligence-driven testing to maximize ad revenue. While it may provide better earnings for some publishers, comparing it directly to AdSense depends on factors such as your website’s niche, traffic, and goals. It’s recommended to try Ezoic or consult with experts to determine if it is the right fit for your website.


As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, exploring alternatives to Google AdSense is crucial for publishers seeking to maximize their revenue potential. The 7 Best Adsense Alternatives Ad Networks that ACTUALLY PAY in 2023, including Media.net, Adversal, Sovrn //Commerce, PropellerAds, Adsterra, Infolinks, and Revcontent, offer competitive earnings, innovative ad formats, advanced targeting options, and excellent customer support. By diversifying your ad network portfolio and leveraging these alternatives, you can unlock new revenue streams and optimize your monetization strategies for a more profitable online venture.

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