Friendship Day Gifts Under 100 Rupees (2023)

Friendship Day Gifts Under 100 Rupees: Friendship Day is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating the wonderful bonds of friendship that enrich our lives. On this day, friends come together to express love, gratitude, and appreciation for each other through heartfelt gestures and thoughtful gifts. However, finding the perfect gift that fits within a budget can be a challenging task. In this article, we will explore some amazing and budget-friendly gift ideas for Friendship Day, all under 100 rupees.

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The Significance of Friendship Day

Friendship Day, celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year, holds great importance for friends across the globe. It is a day to cherish the beautiful moments shared with friends and acknowledge their presence in our lives. This special day reminds us to express our feelings and make our friends feel valued and cherished.

Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

Thoughtful Greeting Cards

A heartfelt greeting card can convey emotions in a way that words alone sometimes cannot. Handpick a greeting card that resonates with your friend’s personality and write a heartfelt message inside. Express your gratitude, share a funny memory, or simply let them know how much they mean to you. A thoughtful greeting card can truly warm their heart.

Handmade Friendship Bracelets

Handmade friendship bracelets are not only a delightful token of love but also carry sentimental value. Create a personalized bracelet with your friend’s favorite colors or symbols. The time and effort you invest in making the bracelet will be a testament to the strength of your friendship.

Personalized Keychains

Personalized keychains are both practical and sentimental. You can have your friend’s name or initials engraved on a keychain, making it a unique and cherished possession. Every time they use their keys, they will be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

Cute Planters and Succulents

Small potted plants or succulents make charming gifts for friends who appreciate nature. These green wonders bring positivity to any space and require minimal care. Choose a cute planter or a tiny succulent that complements your friend’s taste and personality.

DIY Photo Collage

A DIY photo collage is a wonderful way to reminisce about the beautiful moments you’ve shared with your friend. Gather your favorite pictures together and arrange them creatively on a colorful sheet of paper. You can also add funny captions or heartfelt quotes to make it even more special.

Celebrating with Small Gestures

Planning a Picnic

Organize a pocket-friendly picnic in a nearby park or garden. Pack some homemade snacks and refreshing drinks, and spend quality time together amidst nature’s beauty. A picnic is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the bond and create lasting memories.

Movie Night at Home

Invite your friend over for a cozy movie night at home. Prepare some popcorn, dim the lights, and watch your favorite movies together. It’s a simple yet enjoyable way to spend time with your friend without breaking the bank.

Coffee Date

Meet up for a coffee date at a local café or have a coffee session at home. Engage in heartfelt conversations while sipping on your favorite brews. A coffee date allows you to catch up and share your thoughts and feelings with each other.

Baking Together

If you both enjoy baking, spend the day trying out new recipes and baking delicious treats. It’s a fun and rewarding activity that strengthens your bond and results in yummy goodies to enjoy together.

Virtual Friendship Day Celebrations

Online Games and Quizzes

Organize virtual games or quizzes with your friends through video calls. It’s a fantastic way to have fun together, no matter the distance. From trivia challenges to virtual escape rooms, there are numerous options to choose from.

Virtual Watch Party

Coordinate a virtual watch party and stream your favorite movies or TV shows together. Platforms like Netflix Party make it easy to synchronize playback and chat while watching. Enjoy the thrill of shared entertainment even when miles apart.

Video Calls with Friends

Set aside time for video calls with friends who are far away. Catch up on each other’s lives, share laughter, and strengthen the bond that distance cannot weaken. Seeing each other’s faces can be incredibly heartwarming.

Online Gift Exchange

Arrange an online gift exchange with your friends. Draw names and send each other small surprises that are thoughtful and meaningful. This virtual exchange will spread joy and excitement among friends.

The Joy of Giving

Importance of the Gesture

When it comes to friendship, it’s the thought behind the gift that truly matters. The gesture of giving, no matter how small, holds immense significance. It reflects the love and appreciation we have for our friends.

Spreading Happiness with Small Gifts

Even with a limited budget, you can spread happiness and make your friends feel cherished. Small gifts with a personal touch carry a unique charm that expensive presents often lack. Remember, it’s the love and effort that count the most.


Friendship Day is an opportunity to celebrate the bond of friendship and create beautiful memories with our pals. With these budget-friendly gift ideas and thoughtful gestures, you can make your friends feel truly special without breaking the bank. Remember, it’s the love, care, and time we invest that make all the difference.


What is the best gift on Friendship Day?

The best gift on Friendship Day is something that holds sentimental value and reflects your bond with your friend. It could be a heartfelt handwritten letter, a personalized gift like a customized keychain or bracelet, a thoughtful photo collage, or even a day spent together doing activities you both enjoy. The key is to show your appreciation and love in a way that is meaningful to your friend.

How can I surprise my friend on Friendship Day?

Surprising your friend on Friendship Day can be a delightful experience. You can plan a surprise party with mutual friends, arrange a special outing to their favorite place, or organize a virtual gathering if you’re far apart. Consider giving them a heartfelt gift or a sentimental memento that reminds them of your bond. Sometimes, even a simple unexpected phone call or video message expressing your love and gratitude can be a wonderful surprise.

When is Friendship Day in 2023?

Friendship Day in 2023 falls on the first Sunday of August, which is on August 6th, 2023.

What should I gift my best friend in India on Friendship Day?

When choosing a gift for your best friend in India on Friendship Day, consider their preferences and interests. Some popular gift ideas include personalized items like custom-made mugs or T-shirts with memorable photos or messages, traditional Indian handicrafts, a box of their favorite sweets, or a book by their favorite author. You can also plan a day out together, exploring a new place or trying out activities you both enjoy.

Why is friendship considered the greatest gift?

Friendship is often considered the greatest gift because it brings joy, support, and a sense of belonging to our lives. True friends stand by us through thick and thin, offering a shoulder to lean on and sharing in our happiness and sorrows. They provide emotional support, understanding, and unconditional love. The bond of friendship enriches our lives in ways that material possessions cannot, making it a priceless and treasured gift that lasts a lifetime.

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