TECNO CAMON 20 Series to Receive Dynamic Port Function Update in India

TECNO CAMON 20 Series to Receive Dynamic Port Function Update in India

Great news for TECNO smartphone users in India! TECNO is set to roll out an OTA (Over-The-Air) update that brings the innovative Dynamic Port function to the CAMON 20 series. Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting update.

Enhanced Multi-Tasking Experience

The Dynamic Port function is designed to make your smartphone experience smoother and more efficient. It allows you to access crucial information related to background tasks without switching screens, providing a seamless user experience. This feature supports three key functions:

  1. Calling: When you receive a call, the Dynamic Port immediately displays the call status, whether it’s an incoming call, ongoing call, or missed call. For ongoing calls, it even shows the call duration, ensuring you can stay informed without interruption.
  2. Charging: When you connect your smartphone to the charger, the Dynamic Port responds with a captivating charging animation. This not only confirms that your device is charging but also adds an aesthetic touch to the process.
  3. Face Unlock: Initiating Face Unlock? The Dynamic Port’s status bar integrates the unlocking status, providing immediate feedback on the success of facial recognition. This enhancement not only improves the visual experience but also adds an extra layer of security and style to device access.

Efficient and Colorful Visual Design

TECNO has paid meticulous attention to the design of the Dynamic Port function. The display adopts a visually appealing blue, green, and white color scheme that complements TECNO’s modern design language. Additionally, a range of effects and animations have been introduced to the user interface, making the communication of information more intuitive and effective.

Pushing Technological Boundaries

This update underscores TECNO’s commitment to innovation and stylish design. By constantly reimagining the way users interact with their smartphones, TECNO aims to enhance the user experience.

Release Schedule

The Dynamic Port function will be introduced to Indian consumers in stages:

  • CAMON 20 Premier 5G: Indian users can experience the Dynamic Port via an OTA update starting on 15th September 2023.
  • CAMON 20 Pro 5G and CAMON 20: Users of these models can expect the update to be available from 7th October 2023.

Stay tuned for this exciting update that promises to elevate your smartphone experience. Don’t miss out on the Dynamic Port function – it’s designed to make your CAMON 20 series device even more powerful and user-friendly.