Which Emulator Reigns Supreme: Tears of the Kingdom Yuzu vs Ryujinx

Experience Tears of the Kingdom on a larger screen, different from the Nintendo Switch console. This exclusive game is playable on a PC through emulators, but which one should you choose? In this Tears of the Kingdom Yuzu vs Ryujinx comparison, we’ll help you make the best choice for your PC.


Tears of the Kingdom, designed for the Nintendo Switch, is optimized for the console, so playing it on your PC may present challenges.

If you’re set on playing it on your PC, let’s determine the best emulator for Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom Yuzu vs Ryujinx: Which One to Choose?


Both Nintendo Switch emulators offer an optimal gaming experience but have different requirements. Yuzu demands more RAM, around 3.5GB, whereas Ryujinx requires only about 2GB.

For PCs with limited RAM, Ryujinx might be the better option, though Yuzu provides superior rendering.


Yuzu vs. Ryujinx Gameplay:


Both Yuzu and Ryujinx can run Tears of the Kingdom in 4K or higher resolution at 60fps.

Yuzu had graphics issues in the past, which can be fixed with mods, but Ryujinx users reported fewer problems.

For stable gameplay without a focus on high FPS, Ryujinx is the recommended choice.

Bugs and Issues:


In the early days, Tears of the Kingdom had numerous bugs and problems on Yuzu, while Ryujinx users had a smoother experience. Yuzu has since released updates to address these issues.

Final Verdict:

Both Yuzu and Ryujinx offer exceptional performance, depending on your system specifications. For an average or stable gaming experience at 30FPS, Ryujinx is recommended due to fewer complaints and bugs.


If Ryujinx doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always try Yuzu. Some users have reported issues with the Tears of the Kingdom icon in the Yuzu library; refer to a guide for potential solutions.


  1. Is Yuzu or Ryujinx better for playing Tears of the Kingdom?
  • The choice between Yuzu and Ryujinx depends on your PC’s specifications and your gaming preferences. Both emulators offer a good gaming experience, but Yuzu may require more RAM, while Ryujinx is considered stable for lower FPS gameplay.
  1. Can I switch between Yuzu and Ryujinx if one doesn’t work well on my PC?
  • Yes, you can switch between emulators if you encounter issues with one. Some users prefer to try both to see which one works better for their specific setup.
  1. Are there any legal concerns when using these emulators to play Tears of the Kingdom?
  • Emulator usage is a gray area legally, and it’s important to ensure you own a legitimate copy of the game before using emulators. Downloading and using games you don’t own may infringe on copyright laws.
  1. What kind of performance improvements have been made to Yuzu and Ryujinx for Tears of the Kingdom over time?
  • Both Yuzu and Ryujinx have made significant improvements in terms of compatibility and performance with Tears of the Kingdom through updates and optimizations. It’s recommended to use the latest emulator versions for the best experience.
  1. Do I need a powerful PC to run Tears of the Kingdom on these emulators smoothly?
  • While both emulators can run Tears of the Kingdom, a more powerful PC with a good CPU and GPU will provide a smoother gaming experience, especially if you aim for higher resolutions and frame rates.

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